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We don't just appreciate the journey, we LOVE it.

Our Comito Design | Build process brings you the ultimate one-stop shop from home conception through construction. You can rest easy as you receive guidance, inspiration, and premium craftmanship from the Comito team.

Peace of mind is the greatest luxury of all.

The Comito Design | Build Process

We’ll start by getting to know you, your lifestyle, and overall vision for your new home. Then we’ll tell you a little about our Comito Design | Build process and our team. Finally, we’ll discuss budgets and make sure we’re all on the same page in ensuring your goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Need a Homesite? 
  • Our land specialist will help you find your ideal homesite and evaluate any opportunities/challenges that may exist.
Already Have a Homesite?
  • Perfect! Let’s have a look and design a home that aligns with your vision and perfectly complements the land and its surroundings. 
When we know where and what you want to build, we’ll draft a specific outline that details the process from start to finish and discuss your up-front investment for things like architectural design, engineering, and soils testing.

Now work begins with our architect/designer to get your new home onto paper! This phase consists of meetings and conversations to fine-tune your design into architectural blueprints that will guide:


  • the home site
  • home performance
  • overall budgetary goal

When your ultimate design is established, our client coordinator will set up preliminary selection meetings for your finishes: countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc. It’s at this point you may also enlist the help of an interior designer. This allows us to start gathering the costs associated with your selections so we can ensure everything remains on budget.

Now that we have final blueprints and preliminary selections, we’ll gather pricing and assemble specifications and costs for a building contract.

Once the price of your new home has been established we will execute the construction contract and collect a deposit. 


With this agreement you can then finalize your financing.

Now the excitement begins…your new home starts to take shape!

Working with Comito’s building team is a breeze because they already know your ideas, specs, and goals. It’s all about continuity of service and peace of mind at this stage.

And you’ll rest even easier being an integral part of the team during the entire construction process—we want you onsite often so you know it’s all coming together exactly as you envision. 

As your home begins to take shape, so does your vision. We understand changes from the original specifications will be made—this is one of the benefits of custom home building. If/when changes occur, we remain totally transparent with potential additional costs and timing so there are no surprises in the end.


The team approach throughout the entire process keeps you well-informed and results in your perfectly-executed custom home.

Welcome Home.

Why Design | Build with Comito?

Building a custom home may be the biggest investment of your life. We know what this means to you, and we build every partnership on the pillars of Reputation, Reliability, and Trust.

Here are the advantages of Our Comito Design | Build Approach

  1. A Team Approach- Our integrated team of architecture, construction & interior design all work together from the start. This allows for continuous engagement and collaboration to achieve a home that meets your lifestyle and budgetary goals.

  2. A True Fit– With a builders eye from the beginning, your home is designed to truly fit the landscape and views of the homesite.

  3. Stability & Predictability– Over 40 years of experience and our streamlined process means far less stress, and ultimately, significant time and cost savings. Including clear estimates of all costs from the beginning of the process.

  4. Quality– Luxury home construction, using only the best trade professionals, that meticulously considers performance over time.

We can become your building team at any point during the planning phase. While we prefer the Comito Design | Build approach, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about any house plans you have already created.


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