At Comito Design | Build

We Build Legacies with Heart.

We don't just love what we build - we love building it.

Our Comito Design | Build process is based in love, and we create bespoke havens that represent the physical manifestation of what is most important to each of our customers – a representation of their legacy and to their specifications.

For over four decades, we’ve transformed our clients grand visions and dreams into Colorado Springs’ most exquisite custom homes. Each existing in perfect harmony with its surroundings, fine-tuned to the buyer’s unique personality and lifestyle—all within a predetermined budget.

Over the years Comito Design | Build has been honored with over 42 MAME Awards: the Housing and Building Associations' industry awards for product excellence, including:

Best Architectural Design
Best Interior Design
Best New Home
Best Landscaping
Best Charitable Project

Winner of the 2018 Parade of Homes 1.7 Million - 1.9 Million

Best Master Suite
Best Interior Design
Best Architectural Exterior
Best Outdoor Living
Best Overall Home
4 Time Grand Award Winner- the industry’s top honor
4 Time People’s Choice Award Winner
2002 National Pacesetter Award from Custom Home Magazine

Other Accolades

Nate Banet

Managing Partner

For the past 15 years Nate has specialized in helping clients find their dream homes throughout the Pikes Peak Region. Now as a managing partner of Comito Building and Design, he is an integral part of guiding our clients through the custom-homebuilding process. He carries forward the Comito Building and Design values of building the highest quality product, with exceptional customer service and integrity throughout the entire process. With a patient ear for listening and extensive knowledge of our process and available homesites, he excels at introducing new clients to Comito Building and Design. 

Lauren Comito-Perrault

Managing Partner

Lauren is a 3rd generation homebuilder, having “grown up” in the business, she has been working in the family business since 2009. Now as a managing partner of Comito Building and Design, Lauren focuses on delivering the quality product and exceptional client experience that Comito Building and Design has been recognized for since 1983. 

Riley Maroon

Construction Coordinator

Riley comes to Comito Building and Design with over 15 years of construction experience in Boulder, Denver & now Colorado Springs; including many years as a high-end remodeler. Riley has been with Comito Building and Design since 2017. He is directly responsible for our construction operations, to include estimating, purchasing and coordination with our project managers of all field operations. This position suits him well, as he has always loved construction, working with people and project management. Riley’s attention to quality and detail continues our time-honored reputation for exquisite workmanship and detail in every home we build. He takes great pride in our product and process and is excellent with our clients.

Claude Comito

Business & Construction Consultant

A founder and former principal of Comito Building and Design, Claude is a second-generation homebuilder who has owned and managed a Colorado Springs custom home building company since 1983. He is an expert in all facets of residential construction and land development. Specializing in exclusive Colorado Springs luxury homes, Claude has established a reputation for creativity, innovation and superbly crafted homes. Claude currently acts as a consultant to the entire team at Comito Building and Design and is still active in all aspects of the design and construction process, from initial site acquisition to the final walk through.

Ian Binkley

Lead Project Manager

Ian Binkley is the lead field project manager with Comito Building and Design. Ian has been in construction since 1988 and in project management since 2000. Ian fosters a quality atmosphere on the job site and conducts the myriad of building activities with a steady, can-do attitude and an eye for excellence.  He has the experience with building custom homes that provides clients with the assurance that no detail is overlooked. 

Kirsten Hillstrom

Client Coordinator

Kirsten fills the role of Client Coordinator- she guides our clients through their interior & exterior selections process with an informed, budget conscious and collaborative approach. Her detail oriented and attentive nature pays huge dividends to Comito Building and Design and its valued clients.

Mark Andrews

Project Manager

Marlon Johnson

Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To an untrained eye, it is difficult to see what challenges or opportunities may be present with a building site. Teaming up with a design-build team will make a substantial difference, assuming you are working with people with a great deal of experience. As a builder and developer in this community since 1983, we can do an evaluation of your site or a site you are considering and guide you as to the questions to ask, the tests and evaluations to have done and what kind of home design would work best for that particular site. It is so important and crucial to design a home to fit a lot, instead of vice versa.

A: An important first step is to talk with a bank or lending professional to see what you qualify for, or what you are comfortable spending. Size is one factor but quality and finishes are equally important. It is important to talk with them to get a preliminary idea, then meet with us to discuss your budget and house requirements. At that point we can advise you on what is feasible based on averages of size and type of home you envision.

A: First off, think global. What area? What price range? Are the two compatible and realistic? What size home? The best approach is to set up an informational meeting or phone conversation with us, talk to us about your overall wants and needs and we will give you our candid opinion. In this meeting or conversation we can tell you if your wants and needs are realistic with your budget and we can help you look at different lot options. We can then outline all the steps from there.

A: “Green” is the new buzzword for the building industry. There are so many technologies available today it is difficult to understand what makes sense and what does not. While we have experience and the ability to build with most of the green technologies, we also take a value-added, cost/benefit approach with our clients. We can help you sort through what technologies truly have a payback that makes sense, what technologies will make your home more comfortable and what technologies just don’t make sense yet. The majority of our homes are what we call “high-performance homes” meaning that they are energy efficient, comfortable and cost efficient. Remember, we are true custom builders; what you would like to incorporate into your home is your decision. We will act as a sounding board and reference to guide you through those decisions.

A: While we have a stronger presence in some communities, we have the ability and desire to build anywhere throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

A: Although we are custom builders and each house we design and build is unique, we do have a database of plans that we have built over the last 32 years. Many of our clients like to use these as a starting point. By starting with a plan that has been built or designed before there are some cost efficiencies from a design standpoint, and experience from a construction standpoint. We would be happy to share these with you and help you determine if any of them would work for your wants, needs and building site. You can see some images of our past designs here on our website.

A: Price per square foot is not an accurate predictor of pricing for custom homes. The homes we build are truly custom, each plan is unique, each building site has its own site conditions and each home has a different level of finish. Our price per square foot can range anywhere from $150 per square foot to over $500. The best way to figure out general price ranges is to sit down and talk with us, we pride ourselves on honest advice and opinions, we can discuss ranges based on averages and the size and style of the home you are envisioning.

A: There are many available lots around the Colorado Springs area, but they are not necessarily quality building sites. When looking at lots it is crucial to have good guidance and advice. An honest, professional builder can guide you with questions related to topography, soils conditions, utilities, and site costs. We have several communities in which we have lots available and we stay up to date on other land opportunities throughout the region. Give us a call – we would be happy to arrange a personal tour.