Every. Thing. Matters.

Every. Thing. Matters.

At Comito Design | Build, we’re not just about the destination.

And we don’t just appreciate the journey – we LOVE it. We believe in the details and that Every. Thing. Matters.
From the first introduction to handing over the keys, everything we do is thoughtful, pointed, and completely custom. Since 1983, we’ve been providing a predictable and proven Comito Design | Build process that guides our homeowners’ experience. The Result: A one-of-a-kind home filled with thousands of tiny details, each one a true reflection of the homeowner.
We don’t just love what we build – we love building it.

The Comito Design | Build Advantage

One company, executing architectural home design, site planning and construction in one fluid process. A solid team responsible for all activities and expertise required for a predictable and successful outcome.

A Team Approach Our integrated team of architecture, construction & interior design all work together from the start. This allows for continuous engagement and collaboration to achieve a home that meets your lifestyle and budgetary goals. 

A True Fit– With a builders eye from the beginning, your home is designed to truly fit the landscape and views of the homesite.

Consistency of Service– Over 40 years of experience and our streamlined process means far less stress, and ultimately, significant time and cost savings. Including clear estimates of all costs from the beginning of the process. 

Luxury Performance– Luxury home construction, using only the best trade professionals, that meticulously considers performance over time.