Outdoor Living Spaces

Springtime means it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor living spaces. During warmer months, outdoor living space can become an extension of your homes entertaining area and useable square footage. There are a few tips to making the best use of your space. 

1. Creating separate spaces for dining, entertaining and playing will help with the look and overall flow of the area. The use of stone half walls or strategic plant beds help to define the spaces while keeping with the open concept of the rest of the home. Each space has a clear function and that is why it flows so well. When designing your home and outdoor spaces it is important to think about the location of patios to take advantage of flow between the main entertaining areas inside your home and out, and capture the spectacular views of Colorado.

2. Extend the useable season by incorporating some heating elements. Once a fire is lit in your backyard, it’s inevitable: that is where the party gathers. Whatever it is about fire, it mesmerizes us, warms us, and relaxes us. Today, there are more choices in outdoor hearth appliances than ever before. We primarily see a lot of outdoor fireplaces that are permanently installed on your patio, surrounded by granite, tile or stone and can use either gas or wood.  There are also patio heaters (free-standing or fixed), chimineas and fire pits.

3. Decorating outside also lends itself to a vibrant color pallet. You can use the colors of your plants as inspiration for outdoor fabrics and overall feel of the furniture you pick. Don’t be afraid to go bold with color.

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